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To all geological enterprises, educational institutions, research institutes and other bodies and per­sons who may be concerned in studying ore deposits of sedimentary origin.


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Introductory Remarks characterize the significance of the problem under consideration in the na­tional economy of the country.

State of the Theory of manganese ore genesis is estimated in a chronological sequence of the view­points on the main factors of manganese ore process: transgression – surface flow – diagenesis – vol­canism – upwelling. 

Working Hypothesis explains the genesis of manganese ores at the expense of oxidation of Mn-con­tain­ing sulphide waters in the initial basin during its regression and unloading via shallow channels into the nearest noncompensated depression or a trough of more recent tectonic formation. Such a pat­tern of ore deposition eliminates the problem of metal sources and solves all other issues of manganese genesis. In the process of substantiation of hypothesis it has been unexpectedly found that aluminum is the first to be de­posited from sulphide solutions of ore elements at the early oxidation stage.

Prospecting Criteria given in the paper serve as an efficient tool for predicting new manganese and bauxite deposits. Two of the most intricate problems in ore geology turn to be among simple, understand­able and regular processes of natural evolution of continental basin waters, and manganese and aluminum ore deposits among the most predictable ones.

Prognosis of manganese and bauxite deposits in particular areas of the Cis-Ural and Black Sea coastal re­gions illustrates the efficiency of the prospecting criteria developed on the basis of the working hypothesis.

Next Problems to be Solved include about 30 issues that open a wide field for the most promising re­search in sedimentary geology. 

Conclusion соntains a statement of the principle implications of the paper.

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